“To have a great product, you need a great beginning, and all great beginnings start with the first step…”
We will help you identify your market, understand your potential customers and deliver maximum value with the best possible product. We love software products, but we know that writing software and building a software product are two different things.

Product Management

To build a new product you need to:

  • Analyze market opportunities
  • Gather information and measure market demand
  • Identify market segments
  • Understand consumer needs
  • Deal with the competition
  • Derive marketing requirements

We are Agile. Our approach emphasizes team work, knowledge distribution, transparency and personal growth. We implement Scrum – an effective way to drive rapid development.

Product Development Management

Our core competence includes:

  • Agile / Distributed Scrum
  • R&D management
  • Product requirements creation
  • System and software design
  • Product delivery (including Cloud Based, Web and Mobile solutions)

No company can secure and sustain market share by providing a bland product to a market.   Delivering value, positioning and differentiation are key.

Product Marketing

To ensure a successful product and to win market share, you have to:

  • Build a product that resonates with the market
  • Communicate your market positioning
  • Differentiate your products and services
  • Fit your marketing strategy to the market life cycle
  • Identify and build the right strategy that will set your products and offerings apart from your competition